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Meredith Brown

Meredith Brown is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and enjoys working with clients to educate and empower them to become the greatest version of their self through traditional foods, nutrition, and herbs.  While Meredith enjoys working with clients of all kinds, her focus is on women, mothers, and raising a healthy family.  She has gained experience through her studies, from being a mother of two young children, and a personal journey of healing that began 15 years ago. 

Meredith completed her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner [NTP] certification in 2013 and has nearly completed an additional 100 hours of study to earn the Applied Clinical Nutrition [ACN] certification from the Texas Chiropractic College via Standard Process of Northern California.  She also holds a Master’s degree in Education and has 6+ years of teaching experience.

Meredith is excited to offer the community her knowledge in one-on-one consultations and in small-group class settings.   She sees clients for one-on-one consultations at The Luma Center in Petaluma.  She offers experience and knowledge on the topics: digestion issues, gut dysbiosis, adrenal fatigue, high blood sugar levels, anxiety and mood dis-regulations, depression, premenstrual syndrome, addictive tendencies, poor sleep, low immunity, and a toxic burden.    
Meredith has taught small-group classes both in the Wind and Rye Kitchen and at The Luma Center.  Classes taught at the Wind and Rye Kitchen include Herbal Home Remedies, Elevated Broths, Nourishing the Family, and an AutoImmune and AnitInflammatory Diet class.   Classes at The Luma Center include Mood Management, Blood Sugar Management, and Infant Potty Training.  She also offers small group cleanses, including the 21-Day Purification Detox, the 10-Day Blood Sugar Regulating Detox and the 10-Day Inflammation Reducing Detox.
You can learn more about and contact  Meredith at , or on social media on Facebook and Instagram @SageandSaltNutrition .

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